Essential Tools for Your Home Interior Maintenance

We all have a screwdriver, loose nails and a wrench at home. But do we really know the vital tools we should always have available are? Either we have plenty of tools that we won’t use in life, or we don’t get to the necessities.

So, this article is dedicated to highlighting the 10 essential tools for home. A well-equipped toolbox is almost a home insurance. It will help you in the proper maintenance of your home interior; therefore, to extend the life of everything that there is in the house.

Specifically, we will focus on the necessary tools and utensils for the home: those essentials to solve or improve the aspects of the house that require more maintenance. We are talking about those damages that appear related to plumbing, electrical appliances, and electricity.

But, we also refer to the decoration to any modification that we want to make in any of the rooms of the house. To hang pictures, put a lamp, assemble a piece of furniture or install any accessory, you will open this great toolbox that we propose.

  • Screwdrivers. These tools are for adjusting or directly dismantling something from the house. It is why a good set of screwdrivers is essential to be well equipped. We must have all the variety possible of them. Different sizes and types of tips – star, flat, round or Torx, among others – to always have the solution in our hands.
  • Wrench. Super useful for tightening or untightening screws and nuts. This is an essential tool in plumbing work. And, in these cases, it won’t always save you from displeasure. Plus, smooth tips do not damage glossy finishes so it won’t cause aesthetic damage.
  • Drill. Even if you are not very handy, there will always be someone who knows how to use it. Anything, be it a piece of furniture, a painting or an accessory that we want to anchor or fix on the wall will need to have its space on the surface. For this, it is essential to have drills of different thicknesses and lengths. Also, we must not forget to insert the appropriate block in the hole made. With it, we will assure a perfect subjection, and we will avoid that the surface is damaged.
Drill Tool
  • Multipurpose knife. With this, you will not be able to make engineering works, but its multitude of applications will save you from more than one mess. We can cut plastic or make small holes in the wall, among other utilities. In just one tool you will find a wide range of instruments and solutions.
  • Unplugger. Another useful and more than just a rescue tool. A traffic jam in the bathroom, kitchen or any other space in the house with drainage can cause a major breakdown. With the use of this simple tool, in due time, more costly and annoying damage will be avoided.
  • Flat scissors. Do not confuse them with the ones we usually have in the kitchen. They are specific flat scissors for domestic repairs. When we need to cut materials such as cables, ribbons or flanges, we must use this type of scissors; it is stronger and safer.
  • Cutter. Who hasn’t ever used one? It is for opening closed boxes or cuts in general.
  • Allen keys. As with screwdrivers, the ideal is to have a set that has different sizes and thicknesses. For the assembly of small parts and accessories, it is a handy tool.
  • Level with Bubble. Merelyessential for any assembly or installation – shelves, tables or accessories, among others. With the level, everything will be appropriately balanced.
  • Staircase. According to the dimensions of your house, you will need one with more or fewer steps. With a certain height, depending on your needs, but always with the guarantee of optimum safety.
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