Types of Housing: Classes and Characteristics of Buildings

A dwelling is a building, a covered and enclosed space that acts as a place of refuge to protect us from the inclemency of the climate and also serves for rest. There are different types of housing, depending on various factors such as cultures, geographical regions, shape, size, materials, construction techniques, and so on.


Also known as apartments or flats are housing units comprising one or more rooms and located within buildings.


Living spaces located under the roof of a building. Today, buildings that lack attics make use of space to opt for a luxurious, designer penthouse.


They are large one-story houses, very popular on the outskirts of many cities in North and Central America.


Rural houses made with humble materials. These are simple dwellings typically located in rural or semi-rural areas.

Tree Houses

Cabins built on top of trees, very popular with nature lovers.


Also known as villas are single-family buildings that share land on a farm. They usually have extensive gardens and patios.


Huts are shelters of branches or stone that are built both outdoors in mountainous areas as in the groves, wastelands or meadows of the fields, and are used by shepherds and farmers.


Rural type of housing which sits next to a large agricultural territory. They are houses that are isolated in the countryside, and far away from towns and cities.


Two-story single-family homes connected to each other by an interior staircase or elevator.


Large farms dating back to colonial times.


Snow houses, shelters built by snow blocks in the shape of a dome. This is the type of dwelling used by the Eskimos. It stands out for being an easy and cheap construction, ideal for protecting people living in frozen areas.


Also known as loft are galleries of great space and few divisions, which have large windows, and a very bright atmosphere. They are usually minimalist in style.

Loft Style


Also known as palaces are sumptuous and luxurious palace style homes of massive proportions. They have extensive gardens and various amenities. They are the exclusive homes of multimillionaire heirs and businessmen.


Buildings used as residences by heads of state or tycoons.


Housing supported by pillars or stakes or houses built on bodies of calm water such as lakes and lagoons.


Also known as fourplex are four-story dwellings connected to each other by interior stairs or elevators.


Rural residences used in places in the Americas such as Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, Mexico, and Bolivia.


Tents of conical shape, made of animal skins, which are very popular among the nomadic indigenous peoples of the United States. They are warm houses that allow overcoming the cold of the winter.


Three-story dwellings connected to each other by interior staircases or elevators.

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