Architecture Designs: Materials to Trend in 2019

With the last two months of 2018, 2019 looks much closer on the horizon, so trends in both construction and interior and exterior decorating are beginning to appear.

That’s why in today’s ideas book, we will know a couple of good trends regarding building materials for your home that will give you a lot to talk about, so if you are starting a new project at home, then go ahead and be satisfied with everyone!

Glass for Large Windows

A good view will not only give you a feeling of greater amplitude, but glass will be one of the materials to use both this year and next.

Open and Integrated Spaces

Another one of the construction tendencies will point out that the materials are conformed in such a way that the result is a home like the one of this image, open and integrated so that it is easier for the family to communicate at home.

Ideally, it will be a good idea to install partitions and lightweight materials to divide spaces, which sometimes may not be total, but rather a half wall as a divider between the rooms. It can also connect the house.

Sustainable Materials

Both wood and durable panels of sunlight are some of the elements that will give a lot to talk about because it is providing a plus to houses that respect the environment and can be sustainable for many more years.

Wood for the Interior

Another good idea to keep in mind for next year, 2019 will continue to use wood as a building material for both the exterior and interior of the house. Wood is a material that has been used for many centuries as a material for homes, and the 21st century is no exception.

Dare to use wood both for doors and window frames and also for internal elements such as wooden panels located in the entrance to the house.

Safer Buildings

It is crucial that the new buildings are aware of the importance of the environment and in turn, be prepared to withstand earthquakes and other fortuitous events.

Resistant to the passage of time and also sustainable for the environment, is that new buildings must withstand not only the passage of time but also to have constructions much more friendly to their environment and thus be inhabitable for many years more.

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